Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Adios 'Home Sweet Home' :(

Now, we have had some stonking exhibits in our oh-so-tiny gallery space at The Maisonette. That much is true. Y'all will remember 'Suredy Bop Bop'? Jennifer Nicolson's hilarious/scary collection of illustrated post-it notes? And of course, YHF Photo's peep into the world of the miniature people, 'Extraordinary Ordinary'? If you have been lucky (or organised) enough to get along to the Tiny Gallery between the 16th - 28th February, you will have had the joy - and I mean sheer JOY - of experiencing Lindsay Grime's first solo art & ceramics exhibit, 'Home Sweet Home'.

A collection of handpainted ceramic plates, platters, tiles, tablets and cameos, 'Home Sweet Home' offered visitors a nostalgic insight into the notion of home and of domesticity. With a pinch of sentimentality for a bygone era and an imagined aristocracy, a smattering of melancholy and a big hearty dose of humour, Lindsay's installation engaged, challenged and entertained our Maisonette dwellers.

From our little bureau in The Maisonette, we're in the perfect position to direct customers to the Tiny Gallery hidden at the back of the store behind our wardrobe door. It's kind of like Narnia I guess? :) There's nothing more satisfying for us (or for the artist, I'm reckoning) than to hear a little gasp of surprise or a gleeful giggle coming from the gallery! Better still, we love to hear outloud, real-life exclamations of wonderment! "Oh my goodness! Look at THIS!" That happens quite a lot. We heard a lot of this during the two week run of Home Sweet Home.

We've grown rather accustomed to having every last inch of our own private little cubby hole adorned in Lindsay's fabulous handpainted characters. We really will miss fictional, upper class family Hamper and we'll really miss the 1950s inspired wall of interior and lifestyle snap shots taken through Lindsay's lens.

A few pieces of the collection won't be venturing too far away though. Michelle Aaron, owner of Auntie M's Cake Lounge (coming soon to The Upper Floor of De Courcy's Arcade) purchased two wonderful pieces that are soon to hang proudly in the Cake Lounge and I've also managed to save enough pocket money to bag myself a circular plate. It was incredibly difficult to whittle my list of favourites down to just one item but in the end, after a whole load of to-ing and fro-ing, I landed on a circular plate called 'Silver Cross'.

We had such a fun time looking after Lindsay's little show of work and we had a lovely time meeting her friends and welcoming fans to The Maisonette every day. We have every intention of keeping in touch with Lindsay from here on in and if y'all keep your fingers crossed real tight, we just might be seeing some more handmade ceramic pieces by Lindsay Grime at The Maisonette :)

We were introduced to Lindsay and her work via a call for proposals we ran on online creative community, Central Station. Lindsay submitted an idea and her plans and vision for The Tiny Gallery seemed to be tailored especially for us, and indeed, made for the space. We'd like to thank Central Station! Thanks @CenSta! You are wonderful.


  1. thanks for these kind words! see you day after tomorrow, x

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