Sunday, 9 May 2010

"Esendes' Life" by Hannah Aaron

The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette is proud to present Hannah Aaron's debut art exhibition, 'Esendes' Life'.

From the imagination of 6 year old artist, Hannah, comes 50s styled cat (as in, feline) Esendes. Meet her, her friends, family and workmates as Hannah introduces us to Esendes' Life through a series of artworks.

Who is Esendes?

"Well, she is a cat of many talents. Edendes is in fact only 17 though many people believe that she is in her 30s due to the many things that she does. Only her close friends and her two sisters (Fesa and Acradiyae) know her true age. We do know that her birthday is on Easter though.

Esendes has a flat in the city centre where she not only lives but also runs a cafe and a music shop called Land Of Music. Her cafe serves Esendes' favourite food and that is wraps. She makes all sorts of strange wraps.

It's no surprise that she also has creative friends, inluding her best friend Yisa of the well known swing band, The Tramp Cats. Esendes herself is a musician as well. Her band is often supported by the great San Maya. On the topic of music, one of her favourite bands is The Ramones whom she has seen live many times.

Esendes went to design school and now is in high demand by circuses the world over looking for her imaginative designs of circus tents. She herself once considered joining the circus and tried her hand at clowning but it wasn't for her.

She drives a large pick up truck but also owns a scooter which uses to get around town. Esendes is married to Paul and they both enjoy going to the cinema in their spare time. However, since Esendes does most jobs in the world, her freetime is somewhat limited.

She also enjoys dancing and occassionally takes part in dance productions."

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