Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Piney Gir's A-Comin' To Visit!

So. You've heard us banging on about Piney Gir for quite some time now. Just incase you haven't managed to treat your ears to some melodic Piney Gir musical magic yet, we thought we'd give you a little taster of what you might expect from the pretty, ruby-shoed Kansas gal. Piney Gir heads North this weekend y'see - as she takes to the stage in two Scottish cities four times in two days! She sure is a trouper! :) Piney is here with her band to promote her brand new single, "Abelha: Bumblebee" - the latest release from her album, 'The Yearling' - and we're lucky enough to be hekping promote a coupla fun mini-shows for her!

Saturday 15th May:

Piney Gir plays a very special Made in the Shade Matinee Show at The Springtime Jamboree (The Roxy Art House, Edinburgh). Piney will take to the stage around 2pm. Don't miss it! entry to this event costs just £1. To experience the full Piney Gir show in Edinburgh (on a proper stage, with a full band and a lot more time to meander through her fantastic and varied back catalogue), catch her at The Voodoo Rooms in the evening!

Sunday 16th May:

And... guess what? Piney & Friends will be joining us at The Maisonette on the afternoon of Sunday 16th May for a Pop-Up Matinee Show in De Courcy's Arcade ahead of her night time gig at Brel on neighbouring Ashton Lane! Wheeep! We are SO excited. The fun will begin around 2pm :) Come enjoy some (poorly) homemade coconut ice while Piney takes y'all on a whirlwind musical journey in a super-intimate setting! Of course, if you fancy a double whammy - then we'll see you in Brel on Sunday evening! Special Colouring-In Kits will be available to guests just for good measure :)

About the new single:

Let's qutoe directly from Piney's press release shall we? It's worded so beautifully ;)

"Spring has most definitely sprung, so it's only natural that there are a few more bugs in the air , and betwitching songs upon the breeze. Piney Gir siezes the moment to release "Abelha: Bumblebee", her bossanova tinged tale about what happens when a love affair turns round and really stings you.

Of her latest album offering, The Yearling, Fake DIY says, "[Piney Gir's] latest offering knocks the pants off most records you'll hear around at the moment in terms of originality, style and way out there catchy kookiness".

A little bit more about Piney Gir...

... with some help from the wise words of some discerning music journos. They always know best ;)

According to Q Magazine, Piney Gir "emanates music hall charm". She surely does. The gal has style, she has pinache, she PERFORMS her material and she really tells a story.

According to BBC Music, Piney Gir's songs deliver "an unfeasibly beautiful whirl of skittering beats". And - that's right. They do. The whirl will pull you along and before you know it (whether you've heard the song before or not), you will be swaying your hips and tapping your toes and maybe even doing a lil 'shoop shoop' dance!

ArtRocker puts it best I think: Piney Gir is "an artist who conjures songs that take you to a lovely , fuzzy place full of lush, warm vocals and violins that swirl around you and make you smile". Yup. That just about sums her up!

To see/hear for yourself, why not follow some of the links we've added to our Facebook Event Group? :)

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