Saturday, 1 May 2010

Flora the Tombola at The Maisonette!

You may already have met our good friend Flora the Tombola at our shopping events. She's the pretty white wooden barrel with the bow in her hair that dishes our fun prizes and donates money to charity each season. We love her.

Flora has been a little bit restless these days. She's made it known to us that she'd like to play a more central role in Maisonette life. We've decided that it's time for Flora to be fully playable in our little shop - every day! The Flora the Tombola game works like this: you pay your money down and we spin the barrel. You select a ticket. If your chosen number ends in either a '0' or a '5', then you will win a very special prize!

Flora prizes at The Maisonette are super-special. We'll be offering y'all the chance to pick up prizes worth between £3 and £60! All gifts are either handmade, vintage or crafty at heart. From zines to jumbo craft grab-bags, from cushions and fancy textiles to cute ceramics and kitschy trinkets, Flora will offer you a fun opportunity to leave The Maisonette with a piece of treasure - even if you're shopping budget is tight! Great, huh? Of course, we'll have a load of swell 'lil booby prizes for you to take home even if you don't pick a winning ticket! No one will leave empty handed.

For a little peek at some of the tombola treats we have in store for you, scroll down. Flora will be kitted out and ready to be played from Thursday 6th May. Come up and see us, win a prize! :)

Illustrated jotter by I Like Pens

Illustrated colouring book by Kate Broughton

Zine by Memo!

Speed Crafting Tote Bag Kit by Lady Luck Rules OK

Stitch-Your-Own Animal Kit by Loglike

We've got plenty more treats up our sleeves too including postcard sets by Eleanor Grosch, fancy screen prints, bath & beauty treats by Lady Wurlitzer, vintage finds by Nana Moon, sticker sets and notebooks by Audrey Jeane, embroidery supplies, knitting kits and much MUCH more! :)

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