Saturday, 1 May 2010

We ♥ Antzin

If you were lucky enough to be one of our early bird visitors to the Glasgow Jamboree at The Lighthouse last month, you just might have received a very special gift from one of our very favourite indie artist makers, Anthony Zinonos, aka Antzin. You may have bagged a notebook? Or a zine? A mini DIY kit?

Since his first parcel of stock arrived in January, we have become thoroughly obsessed with Anthony's work - and judging by how well our last 'lil Antzin delivery was received at The Maisonette, we're guessing you have a soft spot for 'im too!

Well. Guess what? He's BACK! We're pleased to let ya'll know that Antzin has made his return to our shop and we have a fabulous collection of zines, stationery and DIY kits here waiting for you.

I already own two of these amazing collage kits. I've not opened them yet cos I think they look beautiful as they are. If I had enough pocket money, I would buy up all the DIY kits we have in the shop! You best get in quick before I beat you to 'em! Bumper kits cost £6 each and little 'uns cost just £2.50.

If you loved Le Dot zine as much as we did, then you will LOVE The Blue Bits :)
Both zines are now available at The Maisonette and they've also been joined by a third volume! Whoop!

Another personal favourite and Maisonette hit, The Hounds makes its return to our little shop! These fellas didn't hang around for long last time, so come quickly, won't you? Grab yours for £8.

To find out more about Anthony, visit his website here.

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