Monday, 17 May 2010

Let's hear it for the EASTSIDE!

Boy, oh boy! What a weekend! :)

After months of deliberation and preparation, The Made in the Shade Boutique Shopping Event finally made it's journey east to the capital for the first time. We set up shop in the Main Hall of The Roxy Art House. Joined by 38 wonderful indie designer makers, the best baker in the land, a marvellous troupe of musicians, a couple of our favourite old time fun attractions AND 800 visitors, we had a flippin' splendid time!

Thanks to Rupert, Morvern & John at The Roxy for ensuring all went smoothly for us at the venue. Thanks to John, Jennifer, Garry, Allan and Clare's Mum for help with heavy lifting and transportation :) Thanks to Piney Gir and her merry band for taking the trip all the way from London Town! Y'all surely did add an extra special touch of musical magic to our launch day! Thanks to Auntie M for uprooting her fabulous Cake Lounge for the day and supplying the vendors and visitors with sugary sustenance during the day. Thanks to Garry (YHFphoto) for working so hard on the MITS Photobooth - and for still managing to capture a few event snaps for us! We would have been in a right pickle with out our trusty team of volunteers! A very special FANK YAOW to Kirsty, Susie, Emily C, Ellen, Rachel, Gillian, Emily M, Katherine and Philip for all your help in the run up to the event and for lending a hand on the day too.

Thanks to Jan & Co. at The Skinny. Shame you guys didn't make it in the end - you missed a fun time. Muchos gracias to Claire Sawers at The List, Lynne McCrossan at The Scotsman, Alex at The Skinny and Sarah at The Coveted Mag for their support and enthusiasm. Thanks too to all the friendly bloggers and makers who made mention of the event on their sites - particularly to Creative Boom (Edinburgh), All Things Original and Craftsville.

Of course, we must offer giant thank yous to the 38 designer makers who took part in the event and embraced the ethos and 'feel' of our 'lil shindig wholeheartedly! And to the 800+ visitors who took the time to come support our first event in Edinburgh, THANKS! We'll be back soon. Pop Saturday 24th July in your diaries, won't you? :)


  1. It's in mine! I'll make sure I can help out for longer, I had loads of fun. So glad it was a success, you really deserved it.

  2. Thanks for putting on such a great event! It was my first time as a MITS vendor and it went wonderfully. Glad to hear that you will be returning to the eastside soon, can't wait!x

    P.S. have blogged about my MITS experience @

  3. Katherine - thanks SO much for lending your time. We REALLY appreciated you mucking in at such late notice :) We'd love to have you help out in July! And Helen, so pleased to hear that you had a fun time at The Summertime Hop - and thanks so much for blogging about your market day! We'll be back on 24th July and vendor applications will be open soon.

  4. It was such a good event I had loads of fun as a MITS vendor! Thank you for putting on such a great day and ta for 'em front row seats!! Heehee love Jenny xxx