Tuesday, 18 May 2010

We ♥ Piney Gir!

So! What a busy weekend it was! So busy infact, that we're still banging on about it - even though it's Tuesday already. While Saturday was all about exploring new territories and making new friends, Sunday was much more about winding down, enjoying our own 'lil homely space at The Maisonette and welcoming some guests to The Arcade for a sunshiney afternoon of relaxed musical magic.

Fresh from her performance at The Roxy AND The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on Saturday, we were thrilled to play host to Piney Gir & Friends in Glasgow on Sunday. We fixed up a truly DIY, thrifted, raggle taggle 'stage' area using some reclaimed carpet, a borrowed photographer's backdrop stand, some handmade decorations and a whole load of vintage curtains and bedding. Resourceful!

Piney Gir and her band of fabulous musicians entertained us in the hallways of The Upper Floor at De Courcy's Arcade for a little while (it would never be quite long enough for me...) and as hips swayed and toes tapped, it was impossible not to notice that just about everyone who'd taken time out to listen was smiling :) I was grinning. Piney Gir and her pals sure do know how to make a fun, positive and uplifting 'lil noise!

Although we really ought to have been tucked up in bed to stand half a chance of recovering from the 5am start we endured the day before, Clare and I just couldn't miss Piney's full line-up evening show at Brel. I filled my tummy with tasty tapas and enjoyed a (very expensive) beer or two while we grinned our way through the set. The urge to just sing along at full volume and clap along in time here and there was pretty troublesome.

Thanks so much to Piney, Emma, Alex, Henry, Barney and Garo for being such great sports and for thinking our little events were worth the trip in the first place :) Thanks to Holly at Regular Music for putting the night time shows together and for letting us help promote Piney Gir's trip to Scotland!

Y'all might be interested to learn that Piney Gir's latest album, The Yearling, is now available to buy from The Maisonette. Keep your peepers peeled for more releases from Hotel Records coming your/our way soon!

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